They’re here!

They are here. Our two goslings arrived. We almost missed them.

I happened to check my junk folder late last night. In it I discovered an email saying our geese had been shipped. None of the other emails about the goslings had gone to junk. Surprised, I clicked the tracking number. Arrival date: tomorrow. Yikes. They were coming a day early! I still needed to get a few supplies. I signed up to get tracking texts from the USPS on my phone and went to bed.

“Ding.” I jumped awake. Shipment has left Texas.

3 a.m. “Ding”. Shipment is in IL.

5 a.m. “Ding”. Shipment is at local post office.

There was no going back to sleep after that. My initial thought that they wouldn’t arrive until the afternoon or even the following day was clearly not how it was going to play out and so, I placed my order online to pick up the last of our supplies as soon as the farm store opened for the day. Not going to lie, I was silently thanking God that our farm store has a drive thru the entire time I was ordering.

By this point, you may be wondering why I was in such a tizzy. Whenever ordering poultry through the mail, they usually have to travel quite some distance. The longer the animals travel the more stressed they become and it’s at increased risk for injury or death. So, it’s best to pick them up as soon as possible to get them under their heat lamp and give them fresh food and water. Usually the baby chicks, ducklings or goslings are only traveling for a day or maybe two (unless they hit a delay somewhere along the way) and they are just fine but it’s always best to err on the side of caution and pick them up as soon as possible.

So, this morning as soon as the kiddos were up and fed we loaded up and went to the post office. Sure enough, the ducklings (for friends) and goslings (for us) were there. They were all healthy and happy. We checked as soon as we got back to our van just to be sure. Admittedly, I was also quite curious to see what our goslings actually looked like.

Once opened, the goslings kept pushing the lid up off the box to try and escape. Once they got a nice crack going, the ducks were jumping up on the gosling’s backs and trying to hop out of the box. It was quite a team effort. I caught onto their antics before anyone escaped and plopped something on the lid to keep everyone contained till we got home. From the post office we went to our farm store and went through the drive thru to get the last of our supplies before heading home.

Let me just say again how much I love that our farm store has a drive thru. That is all. Okay. Back to this morning’s adventures.

We got home and got the ducklings and goslings all settled in under their heat lamp. We laughed at the funny way they all waddled and were still trying to find their balance a bit. Everyone had a chance to hold our two goslings and then we let them rest from their long journey and shock of finding themselves surrounded by four adoring children.

Our friends came by a bit later to pick up their ducklings. And, then, it happened. We discovered the precise reason geese are excellent guardians. It’s because they CARRY ON rather loudly whenever something happens. They announced to our entire home the grand injustice they’d experienced when their duck friends left them. For twenty minutes we heard all about it before they settled back down.

Now we know why a hawk may just not feel up to bothering chickens who have a few geese hanging around them. Good gracious. Drama. Drama. Drama. Looks like this may be a solid plan after all.


2 thoughts on “They’re here!

  1. Grace and everyone!

    I love these posts. What an incredible life you are providing for those awesome kids. Boy, I wish we lived closer.

    Love you tons Cathi

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