Monsanto’s Free Pass

The Farmer Assurance Provision was signed into law Tuesday night as a part of the HR 933 bill. The Farmer Assurance Provision, nicknamed the Monsanto Protection Act, is a rider to the HR 933 bill, which grants Monsanto (along with other GM seed producers) protection from the United States court system (immunity) and removes all requirements for environmental impact testing of GMOs. Prior to this provision being passed, the United States court system may have intervened, for example, should a genetically modified crop have proved hazardous or a GM crop contaminate a non-GM farmer’s field. This provision opens the door for a plethora of potentially dire consequences, as it essentially gives Monsanto (and other GMO producers) a free pass at using their GMOs as science experiment on our society.

If you have never looked into GMOs and their potential effects, I strongly suggest you do so. Here is a link to a post featured here on Wholesome Day some time ago discussing some of the basics of GMOs. Then, later we discussed GMOs again when Prop 37 was defeated in California. Click here to see that discussion, complete with a list of links to studies showing some of the adverse health effects of GMOs. Many countries already require GMO labeling or ban GMO’s entirely.

This provision was passed despite nationwide efforts from numerous organizations to stop the bill. The bill will remain in effect for at least six months. There are numerous organizations working to get citizens to sign petitions and such regarding the bill and prevent its extension in six months. Despite the disheartening news about the passage of the Farmer Assurance Provision, it’s more apparent than ever the importance of using our dollars to vote against GM products and work together to raise awareness for this very important issue.

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