Occasion to Splurge

One thing I’ve learned over the past year or so is all things in moderation. Even though we have completely altered our diet in the past year, we do still allow ourselves small splurges here and there, and, when we do splurge, we have learned to savor it! As I have shared before, we do not cling to our wholesome eating habits as stringently when we are traveling or guests at someone else’s home. We also allow splurges on special occasions. Two days ago was one such occasion- Valentine’s Day Dinner.

This year we hosted a Valentine’s Day Dinner, the day before Valentine’s Day, at our home for couples in our church. My main contribution to the event, besides hosting was to make homemade truffles. I whipped up loads of white chocolate peanut butter, dark chocolate peanut butter and Oreo truffles. They looked and tasted amazing! Yes, I could have made some yummy, whole-wheat soaked flour cookies (or something along those lines), but we decided since we never allow anything sweet in our home besides maple syrup, Rapadura and honey (and things made from these three sweeteners) that making and enjoying a truffle or two at the Valentine’s Day Dinner would be alright.

I refuse to feel guilty for our splurge and I savored every bite of my Valentine’s Day truffles- after all, it will be another year before Valentine’s Day rolls around again (or I feel like going through all the trouble of making homemade truffles)! It was also a joy to bless those who attended the event, including my husband who loves truffles, with a memorable and savory dessert.


One thought on “Occasion to Splurge

  1. I splurged, and have the acne and vertigo to prove it! LOL! We pay a price for junk food, but it was soooooo good, especially that red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting!

    I’m working towards getting back on track, but people keep giving me junk food! I have almost an entire half gallon of chocolate peanutbutter ice cream in the freezer that was given to me!

    Spring brings fresh greens and I look forward to them.

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