Food Censorship

Yesterday I received two emails that sent my mind spinning for the entire day. One email led to an article that discussed a link between miscarriage and the H1N1 vaccine (click here to access this article), while the other discussed sodium benzoate and its harmful effects (allergies, Parkinson’s, and hyperactivity among others). Click here to read this second article. Both articles discussed how regulatory agencies (CDC, FDA, etc.) frequently ignore findings that reveal harmful effects (or at the very least correlations) of these two substances.

I find it infuriating that the agencies that are supposed to be looking out for our well-being blatantly ignore scientific evidence, often because of corporate interests and lobbyists. What a sinful, corrupt world we live in!

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, our oven is broken, so we’ve been buying store-bought baked goods more often than usual. Sometimes I get frustrated reading product labels. It’s easy for me to scan the listings for HFCS, but, often I see loads of other ingredients. I usually cannot pronounce these ingredients, and I have no idea why they are in the product or whether or not the ingredient is beneficial or harmful. Reading the product labels is overwhelming since I, like most Americans, am not educated about the meanings of all the various ingredients. I often catch myself wanting to just forgo reading the labels because of how overwhelmed I feel while I’m reading it.

Ryan said the other day, “A good rule of thumb is if there is an ingredient listed on the package that you can’t pronounce, don’t buy it! It’s not good for you!”

Despite being overwhelmed at times, we continue our voluntary food censorship. We are continuing to learn as much as we can about the different ingredients that our out there (mostly in processed foods). The more we learn, the more determined we become to do everything ourselves as much as possible within reason. It seems easier to do that than to research every commercially concocted ingredient in processed foods. I like having control over what is in our food. Of course this means I have to make most of it myself, but it’s better than the processed alternative and tastier too!


3 thoughts on “Food Censorship

  1. The other thing about processed food is that it’s not just ingredients that makes it unhealthy, but how it is prepared. High heat, high pressure, preservation processes all add to the removal of what’s good and often replaces it with bad, very bad.

  2. Sarah L says:

    It is shocking when you realized how unhealthy a lot of processed food is, isn’t it? Very sad! We try to do what you are doing as well. I try and make a lot of homemade things. Depending on the season of life we are going through sometimes I am able to do less than I would like to. This can be stressful to me, but I try and remember that God is in control and that He knows I am doing what I can.

  3. Cristie V says:

    Speaking of harmful products/regulatory agencies/undenialbe connections, you should check out the link above and the book called “Disconnect”. About the rise in cancer rates all across the world, especially really weird cancers, and cell phone radiation.

    Always use a head set when talking on a cell, and don’t carry one on your body.

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