Living Terminal

“We’re all terminal” was one of the phrases our former pastor in Rochester used frequently. It makes you think doesn’t it? His exact  facial expression and tone of voice resound clearly in my memory.  Whenever I think of that line and I hear it echoed so clearly in my mind, it makes me pause. It makes me wonder, “Do all the things I busy myself with on a daily basis matter?”

It’s so easy for me to focus on all the little things in my day-to-day life that I miss the big picture. I miss how all those little things equate to one lifetime. One legacy. Far too often I find myself preoccupied with my to-do lists that I don’t take time to really examine what I’m doing and why I am doing it. At times I’ve found I need to take a moment and reevaluate my priorities and examine my heart and motives. I ask, “Am I tending not only to the physical health of my family, but also to their spiritual and emotional health as well?”

Lately I’ve been reminded that it is the relationships with those around us and, most importantly, our relationship with Christ that truly matters. Cultivating these relationships has a lasting impact, not only in the lives of those around us, but in our own life as well. As we invest ourselves into the lives of those around us, whether by offering a band-aid for a cut, listening ear or cup of tea, we are building a legacy.

We often don’t think of the small things we do as having any impact- yet they are like building blocks. The patience and kindness we demonstrate to our children, comfort and word fitly spoken to a friend, forgiveness freely offered to a spouse, and quiet moments we spend in prayer and mediating on the word all matter. I challenge each of us to pause and think about the blocks we are using. Are we busy with the affairs of the world- allowing the world to build and shape us in accordance to every whim and fancy or are we carefully and strategically choosing the blocks we choose to build with?


One thought on “Living Terminal

  1. Jim Firaben says:

    Grace. The older we get the more realize just how short life really is. Looking through Granny’s pictures of us growing up, I wonder where the time went. You also realize how much you miss people when they are gone. Thanks for writing this blog. Very well written. Should send a copy to Granny, I know she would enjoy your writings. I remember when you were born and now you have a beautiful baby of your own. Makes me realize , like it or not. We are all getting old. Hopefully a little wiser too. Love you kid! Your favorite Uncle Jim ;0)

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